SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?

I am currently in research mode.  I want to add a SUT to my set-up but I am finding that there is not a lot of information from my local audio shop resources.  It seems that SUTs are outliers in the high end audio world.  
That said, I have read several articles in magazines and the web touting their merits.
Of all the brands out there I am most familiar with Bob's Devices.  Art Dudley wrote many good things about his experiences with Bob's SUTs, and I happen to trust Art (God rest his soul), but I'm wondering if there are others I should consider as well.  Please post your recommendations if you have experience with any SUTs, regardless of brand.
As for my set-up, I have a SME 20/2 turntable, Tri-Planer tone arm, Lyra Kleos cartridge, and KTE LCR Mk5 Phono preamp.  I do not know if I will always use a Kleos cartridge but I do think I will always buy low output MC carts.  I hope to buy something that will work with low output MCs but have some adjustability just in case.
I'd love to hear your recommendations.
Dear @edgewear : "  I've compared dozens of low impedance MC's with mixed results, but generally speaking Ortofon SPU, FR 7, Ikeda 9 and Miyabi seem to prefer a SUT in the signal path (with some preferring silver wire over copper wire and vice versa), while Ortofon A95, MC Anna and Transfiguration Proteus sounded much better with active amplification...""

Like you I did and do the same SUT vs active cartridge quality comparisons where both phono stages ( MC and MM ) has the same quality level performance.

I own and owned several SUTs and by coincidence two of them that I still have came by Entré, I own too the AT 1000T that is dedicated for the AT MC1000 cartridge that you own, I own too 2 modified by me Denon SUTs the 340 and the AU1000. I'm using this last for the latest comparisons. Here its unique characteristics:

Look its wide frequency range and its heavy weigth.

Well, any vintage and today cartridge performs really really good with the AU-1000 but overall can't even the high gain active stages quality performance levels in my phonolinepreamp. Yes, near but not match it.

Btw, if you can and due that you have not preference on these alternatives try to get the AU-1000.

As a fact I can live easily with the SUT in my system but the high gain active alternative is the ultimate way to go.

Of course that everything is dependent of the whole design quality levels of any active high gain unit.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

@rauliruegas thanks for sharing. Both these units are highest quality and probably a 'step up' from the Ortofon T-3000 I'm using right now. But the Denon has only 21dB gain and not suitable for low impedance cartridges, so for me that's a no-no.
The AT-1000T gained my interest after I acquired the AT-1000MC, while the added feature of accomodating both low impedance (3 ohm) and high impedance (20/40dB) MC's simultanuously is also  interesting. Only 1000 made, so probably not easy to find at a reasonable price......

@edgewear : The Denon performs very good with any LOMC cartridge impedance I experienced, no single trouble whith that I been aware off. I even listening with the Ortofon MC2000 and due to its extreme low output I only heard some noise but nothing that avoid to listen to that cartridge, yes not confortable at all but other than that cartridge I never had and have any worry about impedance.
I run the MM stage at 47k and at 100k and seems to me that works a little better at 100k.

Could be good for you and everyone to read next approach/explanation about SUTs:

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

This avoids yet another pitfall of SUT, trying to sell for used something hardly anyone wants to buy new. Take a bath, you will!

That's why I buy used, if I get it at a good price and don't like it for what ever reason I can resell it and not lose anything. A popular or highly rated SUT advertised for a reasonable price usually gets snapped up pretty quickly. It's the odd balls that only work with a very limited cart selection that you need to find a buyer for.


Hey Peter,

I also have a Lyra Kleos and when I was looking for a SUT my research led me to Bob’s Devices.

Bob personally recommended the Sky 30 set to 1:30 with Manley Chinook phonostage

Thats what I went with, great results