SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?

I am currently in research mode.  I want to add a SUT to my set-up but I am finding that there is not a lot of information from my local audio shop resources.  It seems that SUTs are outliers in the high end audio world.  
That said, I have read several articles in magazines and the web touting their merits.
Of all the brands out there I am most familiar with Bob's Devices.  Art Dudley wrote many good things about his experiences with Bob's SUTs, and I happen to trust Art (God rest his soul), but I'm wondering if there are others I should consider as well.  Please post your recommendations if you have experience with any SUTs, regardless of brand.
As for my set-up, I have a SME 20/2 turntable, Tri-Planer tone arm, Lyra Kleos cartridge, and KTE LCR Mk5 Phono preamp.  I do not know if I will always use a Kleos cartridge but I do think I will always buy low output MC carts.  I hope to buy something that will work with low output MCs but have some adjustability just in case.
I'd love to hear your recommendations.
Hey Peter,

I also have a Lyra Kleos and when I was looking for a SUT my research led me to Bob’s Devices.

Bob personally recommended the Sky 30 set to 1:30 with Manley Chinook phonostage

Thats what I went with, great results
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Dear @edgewear : "  and not suitable for low impedance cartridges.."

From where or which is or are the reasons for your statement about the AU-1000.

I never read something like this about that SUT and my first hand experiences with told me that's false or at least somewhere misunderstood.

I'm really interested in your comment on.


@edgewear : The question comes because 3-4 weeks ago I had the Etna SL running through it and everything ok.

@rauliruegas my remark was based on the specs of AU-1000. If the information I've seen is correct, it has an impedance range between 10-40 ohms (which seems rather wide) and 21dB gain. At least on paper this doesn't sit well with many low impedance / low output cartridges, most of which are around 3 ohms impedance and 0.25 mV output (at least the ones I'm familiar with).

But apparently things can work out differently in practice, as your experience with the Etna SL suggests. Good for you!