SVS and Electrostatics

Anyone have any experience with SVS subs and electrostatics? I have Martin Logan SL3s and I'm wondering how the two would mix. I'm in a bit of a money crunch (and will be for a while) and can not afford a ML sub (read wife will kill me). I've been reading up on SVS, but haven't seen too many systems that are mixed with electrostatics. Are SVS subs fast enough? I'm 80% 2 channel music and 20% theater.
You're not blending the sub with the electrostatic panel, you're blending it with the cone woofer of the SL3. Will be alot easier. As mentioned, REL or ML's own Descent for starters. Good luck.
I'm using the old HSU 12Va subwoofers powered by a Crown K1 bridged. I agree with the comment above about blending the sub to the woofer driver of the main speaker. I'm using a pair of BG 520dx ribbon speakers which have a pair of 6.5" mid-woofer drivers per speaker. The 6.5" mid-woofer provides super quick mid and upper bass response, but zero low end extension past 60Hz (in room response). To create a seemless main / sub combination I placed the sub in the room null and the main in ta room peak. I ran the main speakers at full range to take advantage of the room reinforcement and crossed the sub 10Hz above the in-room -10db roll off. This set up used peak and null out of phase information to cancel out a lot of the room frequency problems without the aid of using a eq. Placing the sub in the null provided the same razor tight bass response of the BG mid-woofer without the loss of extension or low to mid bass impact and foundation (I tuned the placement running full range material through the sub with the mains turned off). The tuning method aloud me to mimic the mid and upper bass response of the main speakers, now the main speakers and sub are completely seemless.

I sold my descent and bought a svs ultra/2. It took my ascent i's to a new level. The bass from the svs is not only 40% louder and deeper, but also blends so well I cant locate it. This is the first single sub that Ive owned that could do this.I usually need 2 or 3 to be happy with the uniformity of the bass. My ears seam to notice any imperfection in that area, and if the delay is off even a little it eats at me.