SVS or REVEL Subwoofer

Hello all. I have a HT set up.  I use it for two channel music, multichannel music and movies/tv, in that order.

After 20 years, my Velodyne (1250  watts RMS ) sub blew yesterday and I’m looking for a suitable replacement.  I have B&W 804 speakers and a  B&W CC speaker which are driven by a Rotel Power amp, 200w x 5.

My room is 14 ft. long by 12 ft. wide.  I use Anthem’s ARC Genesis room correction software.  It works great.

My dealer carries a full line of both REL and SVS subs.  I would like to buy from him.  Looking for thoughts and recommendations from this group.  I’d like to keep the cost around $2K.


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I would agree with soix that two subs are really better than one. But my experience with SVS was not great. After several years my PB12/NSD2 stopped working. It was out of warranty but I wanted to get it fixed. SVS didn't want to fix it at all. They wanted me to buy another subwoofer from them. In fact I offered to deliver the non-working subwoofer to their doorstep. Nope. Of course you can buy whatever sub you like. I say choose wisely. That was my experience with the company.

Thanks for all your input.  My local dealer has offered me a great deal on a B&W DB2D.  It meshes perfectly with my B&W 804s.  Way over my budget but hard to turn down, maybe.  More to come.


Two Rel, vs. 1.  The hi level input is very unique, call Jacob at Rel smart guy

The SVS -SB 4000 has a great app and driver alone is around 50 lbs 

and up to 3000 watt peaks 45 day trial ,5 year warranty and transferrable warranty 

I own the 4000 after having the 3000, 4000 a very big upgrade much more tunefull 

and bass fully adjustable from your app ipad or droid.

I've never used REL but I had one SVS SB12-NSD (now discontinued) that was fine. But then I started searching for other gently used ones after reading about the benefits of a sub swarm. Now I have 4 of them and the bass is spectacular.