SVS or REVEL Subwoofer

Hello all. I have a HT set up.  I use it for two channel music, multichannel music and movies/tv, in that order.

After 20 years, my Velodyne (1250  watts RMS ) sub blew yesterday and I’m looking for a suitable replacement.  I have B&W 804 speakers and a  B&W CC speaker which are driven by a Rotel Power amp, 200w x 5.

My room is 14 ft. long by 12 ft. wide.  I use Anthem’s ARC Genesis room correction software.  It works great.

My dealer carries a full line of both REL and SVS subs.  I would like to buy from him.  Looking for thoughts and recommendations from this group.  I’d like to keep the cost around $2K.


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I have one SB200 Pro and it does everything I want it to and their app is really great, but if you have a really nice system, REL’s High Level setup can’t be beat.

@drlou77 that is a hell of a first show!  My first were the two at the Fox in Atlanta in Oct. 1985.


Regarding the subwoofer question, I think SVS is the best choice in your budget.  The SB-2000 Pro is hard to beat for performance and value especially if you can get two.  Buy direct and see if they have two available in the open box area.


I use the older SB-2000 non-Pro with Revel F36 and it works well

Thanks for all your input. My local dealer has offered me a great deal on a B&W DB2D. It meshes perfectly with my B&W 804s. Way over my budget but hard to turn down, maybe.

I’d think hard about this one. A lot of people here have said two good/smaller subs are preferable to one great/bigger one, and in this case you’re looking at dropping I assume around $3k - $4k on one sub when you could have two good subs from the likes of SVS, Rhythmik, REL, etc. for about half that price. As far as meshing perfectly with your 804s, lots of subs can mesh very well with your speakers if set up properly, but one sub won’t mesh nearly as well with your room as two can and that’s not a small consideration. Personally I’d go with two good subs at considerably less or even the same cost as one B&W DB2D, but that’s me. Just my $0.02 FWIW.

I don’t own Rel, but I’ve heard them in a set up running magnepan. The dealer was running 2 t5s and the bass was awesome. Not super low into 20 hz, but unless you plan on playing pipe organ or synthesizer music, I’m finding most times my own sub, which is rated down to 12 hz, never goes that low. The stuff we feel in our chest from subs is in the 30 hz range anyway. Rel does this well, and 2 subs is better than one.