SVS or REVEL Subwoofer

Hello all. I have a HT set up.  I use it for two channel music, multichannel music and movies/tv, in that order.

After 20 years, my Velodyne (1250  watts RMS ) sub blew yesterday and I’m looking for a suitable replacement.  I have B&W 804 speakers and a  B&W CC speaker which are driven by a Rotel Power amp, 200w x 5.

My room is 14 ft. long by 12 ft. wide.  I use Anthem’s ARC Genesis room correction software.  It works great.

My dealer carries a full line of both REL and SVS subs.  I would like to buy from him.  Looking for thoughts and recommendations from this group.  I’d like to keep the cost around $2K.


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I think that size room is going to be too small for two subs.  I agree, get one high quality sub.

OP already has bass traps....good man!  RELs are favored by many for two channel listening.  They have a reputation of blending more seamlessly with the mains then other brands.  REL subs have a unique input that taps into the speaker output of the amp and allows REL to do its mix blending magic.  The REL HT series does not have this, its focus is home theater and uses an LFE or low level input only. 

The Dynaudio 18s  is under $1799. Dual opposed 9.5 in drivers, no port. 500W amp.

Very controlled and musical and gets down to <~20hz

The Dual opposed drivers mean there is zero vibration: all the sound comes through the air rather than the floor.

It has some built in EQ settings to match them to various Dynaudio monitors: both these can be bypassed and you can set the crossover point directly or my pass the setting complete and mage the bass with room correction software

I use it with my ATC SCM 19s and Dirac Room correction. Very happy with teh result.

There is also a shinier version the "Sub 6".  More expensive but functionally identical except that built-in EQ settings (which you would not use anyway)  match Dynaudio home speaker models rather than their studio monitors,



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Sounds like you're supporting the REL T/9x, correct?

If I'm feeling like it's my lucky day, should I bother with the upmarket REL or B&W models?



The point made about 2 subwoofers  being too much for your room is a very valid point by rick-n

There is a guy on youtube who reviews many, many subwoofers. He reviewed both the SVS and REL. His review of the HT/1510 is one that should be informative. Name is Nemo Propaganda. Check him out...