SVS Speakers or Something Else? Absolutely Newbie.

I’m looking for 7.1 speakers for my home theatre and budget is $2000. Since I know very little about speakers, receiver, etc. I went to seek help.


People suggested SVS Prime bookshelf speaker (I asked for bookshelf since wife does not like those big ones), SVS Prime satellite speakers SVS Prime center speakers and Hsu research VTF-2 MK5 subwoofer.


Then I saw a post of SVS and Their Marketing Practices at Head-Fi forum:


Is SVS a brand I can trust or shall I start looking for something else?



" Get the Elac B5 instead. 7 speakers for $700, another $200 for subwoofer."

Elac is a good sounding entry level speaker. But just 1 pair of Vandersteen Model 1's will put that entire Elac system to shame. A good compromise would be to get the Model 1's and an entry level Sony ES receiver. Both of those should still be under 2k. Then go to Best Buy and fill in whatever speakers you need with the Pioneer's they sell. They're designed by the same guy that designed the Elac. 
At that price range, low sensitivity speaker gives better bass. It’s the laws of physics. Watts are cheap now with receivers, you want to put those watts to use, vs using less than 1 watt per speaker. A $500 receiver can easily pump out 500 watts total.
" A $500 receiver can easily pump out 500 watts total."

So can a $10 hair dryer from Walmart. 
AV receivers are the best buys in audio nowadays, short of going fully active monitor.
Since you are on Agon, I think you are aware that buying used will save you lots of money through depreciation- kind of like buying a new car vs. a used one.
That being said, a pair of Vandersteen VSM or bookshelf speakers or even a pair of Vandy 1's would be in your price range. As far as sound goes, Vandersteen speakers are about as good as you can get for the money. I know that sounds trite, but after 30 years, I have heard many speakers and the Vandy's give the best bang for the buck.
As far as amp/preamp goes, I would suggest either a McCormack micro amp and preamp or go with an Adcom like the GFA-555 and matching preamp. They can be found used for not much money, but will give you a heck of a sound stage.