SVS sub owners, Past and Present

I’d like to hear from (like the title states) SVS owners,past and present about what you DIDN’T like about the subs.  That’s correct,I’m looking for any issues you had with this brand of subs.  I am thinking about making a purchase,( I’m well aware of their generous return policy), but instead of hearing all the praise, let’s get to the nitty gritty.  With all due respect,I’m not looking for opinions, I’m only looking to hear from real live,hands on owners.  

     Thanks in advance,




I think you'll have a hard time finding many complaints about SVS subs.  I have a SB-12 NSD in one of my small systems and I have two SB-13 Ultras in my main system with a pair of Rythmik F25 subs.  If you're going to use them for 2 channel, go with a sealed model that is the appropriate size for your space.  If I had to choose between Rythmik and SVS, I'd go with the servo technology in Rythmik.  You can get a lot of bang (not boom) for your buck with SVS though and it would be very affordable to put together a "swarm" system with some of the entry level SVS subs.

I bought a PB2000 in 2021 and truly like what it does. I don’t like the size and heavy weight.

I had the SB12-NSD,and Older Cylinder Sub[cant remember the Model Number]

sold both to friends-they are still working Great,and now use 2 PC2000 Cylinder Subs

no complaints,great service and good Value.I have not had many other good Brands,except HSU=also good;so the only Negative is the lack of Speaker Level Inputs.Buy at least a pair of whatever Brand you end up with.

With the purchase of a brand new pair of subs,my small listening room will have 4 subs. Nice,even smooth bass.  I have 3 now,and that makes a difference over just 2.