Sweet Neo-Con

On the soon to be released Rolling Stones album there's a politically tinged song titled "Sweet Neo-Con". It's quite critical of some recent U.S. foreign policy moves.

CNN Story with video interview

Will Sir Mick and the boys be "Dixie Chicked" as the vast right wing conspiracy get their Ya-Yas out, or will the legions of still smoking 50-65 years olds rush to Give 'Em Shelter?
They sell out their shows because they put on one hell of a show! I've been a Stones fan all my life, and have seen them dozens of times. The last show I saw was their tour in 1999 at the Arco Arena in Sacramento. They are very professional musicians, and to me their current shows are superior to the ones I saw during the past 30 years. Just like every supergroup and superstar, they did have their "peak" back when... just like Dylan, McCartney, Pink Floyd, The Who, Arrowsmith, REM, Pearl Jam, etc. etc. etc.

I'm glad they're still around to remind us of how great they were. I thought the song Mixed Emotions was among some of their best. And from the early reviews, their new cd should bring back many old fans, and maybe a few new ones, too.

Gee, are people still using that ancient BT Barnum saying. Well, as far as I'm concerned" You Can't Always Get What You Want, But You Get What You Need.

Go spend a thousand bucks and see the show. It's better than cocaine.
You mean those wrinkled up corpses are still writing songs? How could a band that's been dead since the late 70's do that??? Next thing you know we'll have more multi-milionaries telling us working folks how the rich steal from us!!! Where's Bruce Springsteen when you need him.

It never ceases to amaze me how washed up has-beens feel the need to put out a new LP just to prove they have nothing left to say!

They've gathered a little too much moss!
Speaking as an artist, and knowing many aritists in the music industry, the art community, the photography community, the poetry community, the ceramic community, and the sculpture community, etc... I hope nobody ever tells me to stop doing what I love doing, simply because they don't appreciate it.

As Dylan (another of those wrinkled up corpses) once wrote: "..don't criticize, what you can't understand."

Besides, age discrimination is just another form of intolerance.
Mick's so old, that if he "Can't Get No Satisfaction"...he should try Viagra!