Sweet Neo-Con

On the soon to be released Rolling Stones album there's a politically tinged song titled "Sweet Neo-Con". It's quite critical of some recent U.S. foreign policy moves.

CNN Story with video interview

Will Sir Mick and the boys be "Dixie Chicked" as the vast right wing conspiracy get their Ya-Yas out, or will the legions of still smoking 50-65 years olds rush to Give 'Em Shelter?
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Rosstman, I rarely listen to any talking heads. Limbaugh is by far the worst example of the bunch. Can't stand the guy.
My tuner plays music (NPR) because of the high broadcast quality. Can't stand their news however.

Belefonte lashed out at the Bush administraton last week saying that Hitlers Nazi's had jews within their administration, the comparison being to Condoleza Rice and Colin Powell. Of course, the jewish community came unglued because it was totally untrue and he had to retract the statement. I find it okay if he doesn't agree with these two highly placed blacks but comparing them to any higher ups within the Nazi's was a stupid and ill inoformed thing to do, and beyond rude. This was just vicious. No, I'm no Bush supporter even though I voted for him. I have no problem attacking anyone using truth. That's fair. Lying is not fair and one cannot disprove a negative.

I subscribe to two papers, watch network news and cable news each once a day. Those things that interest me I then seek out further information. But honestly folks, most issues reside close enough to home that not being informed is a sign of not caring. Long ago I thought about providing folks with a subscription of daily "Cliff Notes" about issues that face us. Shoulda done it.

Please, don't ask me more questions in this thread. I'm outta here but available.
Lugnut, you know Oscar Wilde said: Nothing succeeds like excess...

BTW do tubes mellow Rush Limbaugh?
Patrick, all teasing aside. At least we both enjoy Leon Russell and Neil Young. Regardless of how old they are.

Lest anyone forget the Radiohead album that came out after the 2000 US election called "Hail to the Thief....."
I just bought "Hail to the Thief" earlier this week. Haven't yet digested the lyrics, but I definitely like the tunes.

Regarding the age issue, all artist with long term careers have a pretty well defined peak period, but what's interesting is that the recorded peak period may or may not coincide with their live performance peak. That may be what has happened with the Rolling Stones. I'm one of those who thinks "Exiles" and "Sticky Fingers" were the apogee, but everyone who I've spoken to says they still put on a tremendous live show. It's ironic when you consider that Jagger was quoted in his 20s saying he couldn't imagine still doing it (playing rock 'n roll) when he was in his 40s.

Let's not forget that "Sweet NeoCon" is not the Stones first venture into political thought. "Satisfaction" was considered a protest song upon it's release. "Street Fighting Man" was banned from many radio playlist since it seemed to endorse urban rioting. "Salt of the Earth" is a prayer for the hard working people, the stay at home voter, the common foot soldier... And last but not least, "Undercover Of the Night" portrays how even rich white British musicians care about those missing in Central America. Just because you're an ex-drug addict, have lots of illegitimate children and don't want to pay high taxes doesn't mean you can't have an opinion.