Sweetest SET Amp below $5k

I'm looking for that velvety natural midrange so often talked about with SET amps. I listen to a lot of singer-songwriter style music, so vocal reproduction is top priority. I've calculated I need something in the range of 20 to 50wpc. My main speakers are Opera Quinta (6-8 ohm, 89db sensitivity), but the amps driving them do not have to produce the lower two octaves as they are taken care of by subwoofers. It doesn't matter to me whether the amp is stereo or are monoblocs.

So, what are the warmest, sweetest SET amps that I can find for under $5k or so, new or used? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Probably the Cary CAD300BSE mono's, one of the sweetest amps I've ever owned. Also check out Deja Vu Audio, I have one of their PP amps and it's sweet, the SET's are magic. I'm sure there are hundreds of options out there and you'll get a ton of responses. Listen to as many as you can and don't forget to have fun.
Thanks for the response Jon. I think the Cary at 15w may be a little underpowered. I've never heard of Deju Vu Audio; their web site doesn't mention any models of their own brand, only other brands they sell such as Audio Note and Bel Canto.
Check out the Consonance Cyber mono blocks with 211 or 845 output tubes.
Art Audio Carissa sig used- 845 , Diavolo, Jota used
There is a Bel Canto 845 integrated/remote right now on Ago
" " " Mastersound/Vaic 320 integrated " " "
KR 340
Wytech 211 stereo used
That's just some of the high power SETs i'd like to own!
By the way, all the above will heat your listening room in the winter...and summer!

I agree with Jond re the Deja Vu PP and/or SET 2A3/45 and 300B amps. And if you can find one that was built around some vintage output transformers like the Acrosound or Chicago transformers from the '50s you will be amazed at what it can do. Don't let their low power rating fool you. They can drive speakers like the Spendor SP100 89db speaker with ease. As long as the speaker has a fairly flat and benign curve.
Thanks Alan and Bbro. I'll take a look at the units mentioned.

Any others worth considering?