Sweetvinyl Sugarcube - SC1 and SC2

I have the Sugarcube in my systems for a couple of days now, and I must say this is the most exciting upgrade to my system. I have both  the SC1 and SC2 and I must say they are awesome. I was very sceptical in making the purchase but now I don't have any regrets. I was in Japan a few we weeks ago and I got the opportunity to check out the ELP Laser Disk Turntable at the factory, but this is a different animal. I have been watching the ELP for a long time to see if I could get a price break, and I also know that they had a "Click remover".  so during the ELP audition I asked for a demonstration of the Click remover. It does remove the click and pops, but it also affected the audio playback. And to be honest, ELP no longer make the Click remover, probably for that same reason. So when I looked into the Sugarcubes I was wondering if how it would impact the audio playback beside removing the clicks and pops. To my surprise I can't tell any difference when I engage the click remover on these units. The noisy records playback quietly without any noticable difference in sound that affects the playback. I am still amazed how Sweet vinyl was able to do it. There is a good video on YouTube that a guy did about the sugarcube SC2, check it out.

Has anyone else listened to the sugarcube or have it in their syetem? I would like to hear about your experience with them.
I am one of the first 50 beta testers for the SC-2.  You can find my thread for the SC-2 here on the forums.  I love this thing.  Why not audacity?  Because I wanted a turn-key solution to listening and ripping vinyl that would not involve a separate computer.  Also, to my ears, there is almost no sonic penalty with the click processing.  Perhaps a slight narrowing of the soundstage, but it is subtle.  I am making incredible 96/24 needle drops of my vinyl and putting them on my server.  The software is getting much better, and an annoying transient between digitized tracks has been fixed and eliminated.  Just a few more things to do before the SC-2 software comes out of beta, especially allowing the rips to be sent to a networked server instead of the attached USB drive. 

Also, being a part of the collaborative beta process with Sweetvinyl has been a fun and interesting experience.  I get to see how the sausage is made, and it is fascinating.
Got a demo unit to try and so far it’s a keeper. The only thing I noticed as far as affecting the sound, transients are not as robust, but it’s not enough to deter me , for what it does it does really well. It makes the listening experience more enjoyable without a doubt.
I've been hoping an SC2 will show up on the used market.  Looks like it is going to be a long wait!
Just installed an SC-1Mini today. It's a silent background with no change in the audio. I couldn't be more pleased. 
Yes the Sugarcube is an awesome unit.
But that does not mean you should stop buying clean and unscratched records. The cleaner the records, the better the sugarcube performance.