Swiss Digital FUSE BOX Question Thread

Good Day

Over the last several weeks I have been receiving questions daily about the Swiss Digital Fuse Box

I have asked permission to post this thread.

Questions, needs, comments etc. – feel free to post here

I’m hopeful that by starting this thread those interested can get their questions answered.

Thanks – Mark


This is just a question, not a criticism.  I’ve been wondering why everyone is working so hard on finding the right metal, polishing, etc. and not just bypassing the entire junk fuse holder and slug and just wiring passed the whole thing with good high end wire?   Sometimes the AC wire comes in to a fuse holder which the wire could easily be unsoldered and moved over to the other end to bypass the holder.  If the fuse holder is PC board mounted then just solder some good wire underneath from one solder joint to the other to bypass it.  Then either no protection (I don’t  recommend but whatever) or use the Swiss Digital Fuse Box.  I would imagine this would sound a lot a lot better than a slug.  Has anybody been experimenting with this?


No question that your idea is a good one - but no protection sounds not so good to me in the long run.


I’m just saying, for people that are going to take out the protection why don’t you get rid of the actual connection too.  Every connection you can get rid of will improve the sound quality.  I really like the idea of removing the connection all together and using something like the Swiss Digital Fuse Box.  Just wish there was something more affordable to provide protection.  No way I could afford one for each device on my retired budget.  

No way I could afford one for each device on my retired budget.  


How many devices you have that you are able to swap the fuses on?

The reason I am asking is I can only do this in two of my devices. And I have more than two devices. And the two devices I can do this on, getting the Swiss Boxes, makes a big difference. For a few hundred dollars. However, I do realize that if your system is already $free ala Mahjister style, paying money for such Swiss stuff does not make any sense

I have two large dual chassis mono-block amps that need 8 amp slow blows, so two there. A Schiit Yggy - 1/2 amp fuse.  Preamp has two 2 amp slow blows (has different transformers which are individually fused, filaments turn on first (lots and lots of cap filtering so high turn on surge) but would only need one fuse box and wire passed both fuses.  Also have an old very, very modded Theta tube preamp that I just use for the phono stage - 1 amp slow blow.  This was the original Theta company with Mike Moffat and John Beatty.  I’ve completely rebuilt it wit teflon tube sockets, completely new upgraded power supply and separate PS chassis, new high end caps like V-Cap Teflon’s and StealthCap’s, OCC wire, etc. Sound fantastic now.  Also rebuilt a friends like this for him.  It’s a wonderful preamp to start with but once updated and modded it’s amazing!
So I’d need five fuse boxes.  That gets expensive. Not like I haven’t spent a lot on parts for my equipment but it’s all slowly custom built and now a retired tech with a very tight budget now.  Mostly I just but records and digital music and upgrade small less costly things that my wife won’t notice.