Swiss Digital FUSE BOX Question Thread

Good Day

Over the last several weeks I have been receiving questions daily about the Swiss Digital Fuse Box

I have asked permission to post this thread.

Questions, needs, comments etc. – feel free to post here

I’m hopeful that by starting this thread those interested can get their questions answered.

Thanks – Mark


Yes good idea.  I was thinking about that. Try one at a time and see how it goes.  Maybe I can pick up a Swiss Fuse Box and try it different places and go from there. I already have some cheaper upgraded fuses in all the equipment and a Gustard Nano fuse in the Yggy.  


Happy Holidays 

Thanks to all of you guys for sending people to us for the BF Deal 

Appreciate it 

We have 8 units left and then no more until mid December as we are waiting chassis from Japan

Thanks again - Mark 

Can you take the fuse box... out of its box... so you can wire it in directly into an amplifier chassis? Wired directly to the IEC inlet! 

Or is it potted?

I have an amp with 1x fuse on the inlet and 4x fuses on the amp boards. I have in the past run magnetically directional sluggos on the amp board and it made a large difference in sound.

Going back to normal fuses was a noticeable downgrade.

But if I could hardwire in a device like this I would remove not just the fuse but the fuse holder and jump it with good hookup wire (like VH Audio UPOCC).

This will sound better than any sluggo.