Switched to Reimyo 777 dac/Lumin streamer and great experience with Audio Archon

Think it is important to warn of bad dealers out there and laud the ones that are great to work with. Mike Kay at Audio Archon (not affiliated with me in any way) is not only helpful and honest but also patient. He diagnosed a problem I was having with the Reimyo 777 dac and he didn't even sell it to me.  Highly recommend him for trades and new/used gear.

I have a DAC in my SPL Director Preamp that does all formats but the Reimyo dac only does CD Redbook quality. I have to down sample the stream to 44.1 to run on the Reimyo but holy smokes it is holographic, realistic, detailed and just amazing.  I am powering the system with SPL S1200.  All recomendations from my wonderful mentor Terry (Teajay) London who's reviews are spot on for my ears!

Now trying to figure out if Roon is worth the expense. 

Best JH