Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power

When talking about CLEAN POWER, what SYMPTOMS or effects are caused by DIRTY or UN-CLEAN power? 


I am sure the guys at Morrow Cables would like to help you out. 😉


Nobody is asking you to be onboard. If you are happy with your system then why spend more money? If you just want to accuse others of being fools, then I guess that nothing can be done.

Well designed power supplies are important, but I have to believe that at the level most of us purchase, that this is a given.

You want to understand equipment and I want to listen to music. So, my approach was to rely upon a few people to assemble my system. One sang the praise of Shunyata power and cables. I believe that it takes a major investment in conditioners/cables to be able to verify, or refute the sonic improvements of this equipment. If you cut corners, then how can you be sure that you have tested the technology. Given this as my approach, I ultimately purchased Shunyata’s top conditioner and cables with the understanding that I could return everything for a full refund. Even better, I was able to use the vendor’s shipping department on items, such as cable and a phono preamp that I didn’t like and they charged me little for shipping. So, I read all of the Shunyata marketing information, had a recommendation from someone I trusted and then listened to the results. Again, I purchase based upon results, but those results are in the real world and not just between my ears.

@vonhelmholtz Your answer, or non answer to be more correct is exactly why I have asked the question in the first place.  I believe I articulated the question in readable english.  But what I get back are accusations I'm trying to screw up this thread @acman3, or @jerryg123 attempt at humour.  But no one is taking the question on at face value.  I've re posted it as a Tech question and maybe I'll see a fact based answer there.  Cheers.


Call Shunyata and ask for Richard Rodgers. He is quite knowledgeable and might be able to answer your questions. I was a last six foot skeptic, but I gave up on trying to understand and went the empirical route. I should add that I called him with regards to their digital cables and not power products.  Looked at your system..impressive.

“It’s a given we are not using lamp cord to power our amps.” 

Ummmm if one were to dissect some of these boutique power cords, the nuts and bolts of many of these are nothing more than the aforementioned lamp cords but with a super pretty covering.