Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power

When talking about CLEAN POWER, what SYMPTOMS or effects are caused by DIRTY or UN-CLEAN power? 



Call Shunyata and ask for Richard Rodgers. He is quite knowledgeable and might be able to answer your questions. I was a last six foot skeptic, but I gave up on trying to understand and went the empirical route. I should add that I called him with regards to their digital cables and not power products.  Looked at your system..impressive.

“It’s a given we are not using lamp cord to power our amps.” 

Ummmm if one were to dissect some of these boutique power cords, the nuts and bolts of many of these are nothing more than the aforementioned lamp cords but with a super pretty covering. 

@bigtwin my answer was directed at the OP. Maybe you should pose your question to Paul M or one of the power unit peddlers. 

I only have DC reduction on the digital front end and my phono pre. Otherwise I am pulling my power through my dedicated line to my listening room. DC is the enemy but I do not need a $5000.00 conditioner. Clean juice at my house , no noise, no loud transformers nothing. 

Guess you have some issue? 

But what I get back are accusations I'm trying to screw up this thread @acman3, or @jerryg123 attempt at humour.  But no one is taking the question on at face value.  I've re posted it as a Tech question and maybe I'll see a fact based answer there.  Cheers.

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@vonhelmholtz  Thanks for that suggestion.  As you can see from my rig, I'm not in the "anti cable" camp.  I just really struggle to understand the value of the high end Power Cable as it defies my common sense.  I'm sure I'm not understanding something and would like to understand.  I get the part about shielding out unwanted interference, but that would only mean all cables need good shielding.  And that would never justify power cables costing tens of thousands of dollars.