Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power

When talking about CLEAN POWER, what SYMPTOMS or effects are caused by DIRTY or UN-CLEAN power? 



Why do you ask?

Two houses ago, I bought a good power conditioner because I thought I had bad power. It did some, but. Then I moved to the country and my system opened up like I had just bought a brand new everything! Now I’m back in the city and in the evenings, my system sounds harsh at louder levels. Sax and some electric guitars just drill into my head! So the other day I ordered a Entech Powerline noise analyzer. I haven’t received it yet, but I am interested to see what it does.

If you use a power conditioner that offers balanced power it will eliminate noisy AC. Just do a search online. One source is the Equi-Tech website. Once you understand what it does you won’t go back.

Both my Bryston Bit-15 "Enormous Transformer in a Box" power conditioner (bought because it was on sale and has lots of outlets), and my fabulous sounding Pass XA-25 (among other components) are being used with the supplied heavy duty but NOT "boutique" power cords. I challenge anyone to listen to my gear heap and tell me why I need expensive AC cables. However, nobody can meet this challenge as I’m not letting them near my house, and if I find somebody has snuck in I’ll kick them out. That said, I do have a few large fancy power cables because I like they way they look.

Bright, harsh, shrill. And this was from an all tube  system. Fast forward to Equi Tech and Balanced Power Technologies. Also, in my system power cords do make a difference. Looking to move to the country though. Will report back.

Just curious/cross my mind: 

a) How bad does power from an inverter sound? 

b) In this contect, how does my generator (say Honday EU3200i, 3200W) sound (I am actually running 2x 2000 to run the roof AC if needed)?