Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power

When talking about CLEAN POWER, what SYMPTOMS or effects are caused by DIRTY or UN-CLEAN power? 


Just curious/cross my mind: 

a) How bad does power from an inverter sound? 

b) In this contect, how does my generator (say Honday EU3200i, 3200W) sound (I am actually running 2x 2000 to run the roof AC if needed)?

@falconquest I read one time. All AC 'cleaners' deal with the AC side. All my stuff runs off DC. How much of the AC "dirt" is making it into DC (with all the filtering in the conversion process). Or rephrased: how much different does 100% battery DC look compared to DC made from 'cleaned up' or 'dirty' DC. 

And one step further (recently saw the battery pack at my friends PV system): for those spending $100k or $1000k on their system: Why not make a DC system, fed from a simple bank of batteries (like those used for photovoltaik system all over the country). And charge the batteries (with dirty AC or the sun) during OFF times?


Balanced power is not a “cleaner”. It is a design principle that is explained in the Equi-Tech white paper. This is completely irrelevant when it comes to DC current from a storage source. How are you powering equipment with DC? Or did I miss something?

@christianb5s4 ".. each placed as far away as possible," What is placed as far as possible? the 3 simens breakers? Did you just run 3 new lines to the existing panel and put other breakers in? 


@falconquest I think pretty much all our equipment actually uses DC (there may be few obscure items, but can't think of one right (a light bulb in an amp? turn table motor?). I assume even tubes are DC. Just that it is first converted from AC. And that certainly includes any digital equipment (including all computers). No actually use AC. So why use dirty, unbalanced and otherwise 'bad' AC, if at the end we only need clean DC? Get the point?