Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power

When talking about CLEAN POWER, what SYMPTOMS or effects are caused by DIRTY or UN-CLEAN power? 


Balanced power is not a “cleaner”. It is a design principle that is explained in the Equi-Tech white paper. This is completely irrelevant when it comes to DC current from a storage source. How are you powering equipment with DC? Or did I miss something?

@christianb5s4 ".. each placed as far away as possible," What is placed as far as possible? the 3 simens breakers? Did you just run 3 new lines to the existing panel and put other breakers in? 


@falconquest I think pretty much all our equipment actually uses DC (there may be few obscure items, but can't think of one right (a light bulb in an amp? turn table motor?). I assume even tubes are DC. Just that it is first converted from AC. And that certainly includes any digital equipment (including all computers). No actually use AC. So why use dirty, unbalanced and otherwise 'bad' AC, if at the end we only need clean DC? Get the point? 

I understand what you’re saying now. So basically you are relying on the power supply of each component to "clean-up" the AC before converting it to DC. Does that waveform need cleaning? What about fluctuations in voltage or EMF on the waveform? Can your power supply clean this up as it converts that "dirty" signal to DC? I think you can only know by looking at it on a scope. Why wouldn’t something like EMF carry over? What I do know is that with a balanced power unit in my system it is dead silent. If you want a good explanation I would search for the presentation by Garth Powell, formerly of Furman Power and the developer of the AudioQuest Niagara. Search for his presentation "High End Munchen 2015 - AudioQuest Niagara 7000" on YouTube. I would post the link but I believe A’gon won’t allow it. Watch that and read the white paper from Equi-Tech on balanced power and you tell me if it makes sense.