Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power

When talking about CLEAN POWER, what SYMPTOMS or effects are caused by DIRTY or UN-CLEAN power? 


I had all of the sound issues listed in above comments plus my house is old with 2 phase, ungrounded circuits. I purchased a fairly inexpensive Panamax conditioner and the previous grounding problems (slight current running on metal faceplates, sounds scary) was eliminated and background RFI noise was eliminated. I did pop for an Amazon upgraded power cord for my amp (about $25) and that seemed to help with some detail nuance. 

We are in the process of remodeling and I plan on a major electrical upgrade. I may spend the extra for a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the listening area.

If, A) is to install a dedicated circuit. And, B) is to purchase a conditioner to clean up the AC on the said newly installed circuit, then it would seem to me that, C) is to skip A, and go straight to B. 

I put little pieces of tissue paper on the ends of everyone of my interconnects and power cords. Then once a month I go through and I change them all out and collect all of the dirt that’s in my AC power. It’s kind of like once a month I wipe my systems’ butt.   Makes a huge difference, give it a try…… I feel like I’m really using my head…_

@raysmtb1 LOL. Yeah all this talk about clean power is pure craziness. Power is power, as long as your components turn on and once a month you wipe your butt, who needs anything more than that?

@audphile1 Not sure if you are being a wise-guy like your avatar, but you claim that "power is power" is confusing. Evidently, you purchased a 2K Hurricane Power Cord for your Power Amp? So contrary to your remarks, it looks like power handling is a significant financial aspect of your system? Tell me how the Hurricane Power cord cleaned up your dirty power..(?)


@raysmtb1 That statement seems to be throwing shade at yourself, since you have a fair sized conditioner that you are seemingly bypassing. Which leads everyone to believe that, at one time, you thought differently than you do today. In any case, your system is nice, but your cable management is atrocious! ;)