Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power

When talking about CLEAN POWER, what SYMPTOMS or effects are caused by DIRTY or UN-CLEAN power? 


@goodlistening64 yes I am on a dedicated line for over 20 years in this house. Also have whole house surge suppression. Never once has it triggered. I am also on the same grid as emergency services in our town, have only ever had 2 outages      in 20 years both due to a line cut. 

Surgue suppression is not the same as conditioner that alters the current and can throttle hi draw equipment such as power amplifiers, and or integrated amplifiers.


Should of borrowed mine😁

Yeah, I tried it on three sockets on three separate circuits. The one with the biggest difference is the one the AR6 is also plugged into. 100 to 78 on the meter.  Not sure if it’s apples and oranges though. I sure hope I didn’t buy a very expensive circuit breaker!

@goodlistening64 PS is not manufacturing wall outlets they buy them from Leviton or Hubble and they are private labeled. Save your money and buy the same stuff on Amazon with out a audio manufacturer name on it. PS in mainly in the regeneration game and is at the lower tier in that category, at least that is what service techs claim. 

Big thing is do what makes you sleep better, dedicated lines, conditioning, surge suppression. I chose 2 of theses legs with no conditioning on my amplifiers. If my gear gets fried I have recourse (lol) with the suppressor manufacturer and my homeowners. Knock on wood no issues and when I travel I pull power from all devices in my chain. 

@jerryg123 I’m planning on getting a dedicated line done either this month or next. Needed to wrap up few system changes first. Almost done. Famous last words LOL

Living in dense apartments in the past gave me an appreciation for my conditioners.  For whatever reason I felt tense and nervous listening without a power conditioner.  I had rearranged my system and forgot the conditioner.  I couldn't understand why I didn't like the sound until it hit me that the Furman was missing.