Symptoms of UN-CLEAN power

When talking about CLEAN POWER, what SYMPTOMS or effects are caused by DIRTY or UN-CLEAN power? 


Got my Entech yesterday and it seems to me that this device can only be helpful in communicating your overall home line noise.

I was happy when first testing a non-audio circuit that resulted in minimal noise. That convinced me that previous efforts to clean my power might have been beneficial. I then plugged in the Entech to a get it anywhere power strip in the same circuit and the noise was reduced by 75%. Great!! Now it's time to figure out all the negative affects any power purifying device contributes. 






@goodlistening64 I have a mish-mosh of power cords, My Integrated amplifiers all have 20 amp Zavfino cables OCC. The digital and analog FE units are Zavfino and Signal Cable 15 amp as well as my subwoofers. 

@jerryg123 Thanks Jerry. I have a second Zavfino power cord on the way. I should have prioritized the dedicated line before I went out and spent over a grand on cables, but the first Zavfino cable was such a remarkable change that I could not wait.

Kind of crazy because I have acoustic ceiling in my basement and the panel is only about 40 feet away, so the cost of putting in the dedicated line would have been cheaper than buying the five power cables I installed. Then I could have gone with 20 AMP cables to begin with.

Hopefully- with the circuit I use for my gear having only have a couple of wall sockets along it's path- I hope to find out that it is "clean" enough (using the Entech), that I may just wait until I have another reason to have an electrician to the house before I go that route. 

In hindsight, however, it should have been the first priority for my system setup 11 years ago. 🤔

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