Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax

Like to ask if any Audiogon Members compared the Synergistic Black Fuse Vs The Audio Magic BeesWax ( top of line). Let me know what differences in sound quality, what equipment was it in, and how does it compare between the two fuse. Current all my equipment has The Black fuses; I am just curious WTF Audio Magic is So Expensive! Is it worth a big jump with the Audio Magic??
I use and encourage all serious audiophiles to audition audio grade fuses. I find them to be a big sonic improvement in the four systems that I listen to.
As early as 2012 I was trying Isoclean, Furotech, and Padis fuses. Small but real improvement. I then tried Synergistic Research SR 20 fuses and found them to be a bigger jump up in  improvement then these other fuses.

Reading OregonPapa's endorsement of the Synergistic Research Black fuses made me trial these newest  fuses. I tried a SR Black fuse- one at a time, after cleaning old and new fuses and contacts, and in both directions.

I found the SR Blacks to make a major improvement in the sound and worth the price. Doing careful listening , breaking in, changing fuse directions , and  cleaning fuses was a project that took over 6 months to finish.

During this time I blew two fuses during rapid swaps in warmed up equipment. First a 3.25 amp fuse in a tube amp. The designer told me to let the equipment cool off before changing tubes or fuses (Craig Uthus of Moth Audio fame). He further told me using a 4.0 amp would not decrease safety. The other fuse was a  1 amp fuse for the laser assembly of a Marantz SA11-SA2 SACD player . This fuse was swapped while the unit was on! .Both fuses were replaced by Synergistic Research under their wonderful 30 trial policy. During this same interval I also had one tube go out in the three tube amps I was using.                                            
My sincere hope for the music lovers who read these forums is that they  try Audio Grade Fuses. Synergistic Research, Audio Magic, and Audio Horizons are all sold by Audiogon vendors who give the buyer a trial period. I firmly believe the time and money spent is well worth it.

David Pritchard

Wow, zipost sounds like a complete jerk.  Reminds me to read everything in forums with prudent skepticism.

Reading this and other discussions on fuses has me interested in trying them again.  It's been maybe eight years since I tried HiFi Tuning fuses and didn't hear much if any improvement.  Those were a more basic version than the HiFi Tuning offerings today.  There are now many new audiophile fuses on the market that are probably much better.
Don’t get sucked into this snake oil Jeff, not with statements like this, it should tell you enough!
I found with the SHD the noise floor dropped quite a bit, dynamics expanded, another layer of micro information, bass got tighter with even deeper extension. That was trying one in the AC line to our source which is cd.

And another thing, it shouldn't be in the Tech Talk Forum, should be moved to the Misc. Forum. 
Cheers George

If you didn’t hear a difference before it is likely because your brain is not very open to suggestion and expectation. The only reason folks hear night and day differences is because they expect it and their minds are easily influenced by suggestion and clever marketing. 

Don’t waste more of your time on snake oil.

BTW If ever a fuse made a difference then it is time to throw out the pos component. Why keep something so badly designed that a fuse makes an audible difference?