Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax

Like to ask if any Audiogon Members compared the Synergistic Black Fuse Vs The Audio Magic BeesWax ( top of line). Let me know what differences in sound quality, what equipment was it in, and how does it compare between the two fuse. Current all my equipment has The Black fuses; I am just curious WTF Audio Magic is So Expensive! Is it worth a big jump with the Audio Magic??
Stabilant-22 is farbetter then progold ,or any other contact enhancer.
the Synergistic Blue ,The best sounding fuse out there at the moment .
The best sounding out there — meaning available in the entire world today?
Please tell us the full universe of fuses which you have compared directly in the same component in the same system to the Synergistic Blue.
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As I’ve oft noted amplifier manufacturers, for whatever reason, appear to be far behind the power curve. Gee, everyone and his brother uses aftermarket fuses. I bet Mr. Pass is behind the power curve for wire directionality and power cords, too. You’d have to be set in your ways not to at least explore the possibilities. But he’s probably a nice guy. Do amp designers dream of their own electrical circuits? 😳