Does someone has an experience with SYNERGiSTIC RESEARCH GALILEO SX INTERCONNECT ?

the price new is around 9500 $.

what would be its "weaknesses"? What do you think about the bullets (gold and silver)?

is the sound natural/neutral?

is it better than stealth indra V10? nordorst valhalla 2 which are less expensive?

an alternative to stealth sakra V12/V16?

I Read some good reviews , but its difficult to find what real people think about it.

Thank you




Yes. Check the other forum as well. 

In my opinion the power cables have more impact on sound than interconnects. Gigawatt is not known in the US but their conditioner seems very good. I bet that cables like Shunyata Omega or Synergistic Research SRX or Nordost Odin 2 or the expensive offering from Ansuz  or my moneoone Supernova will be much  better than LS-2 from wall to your conditioner. It will likely be a cheaper upgrade with more impact than the IC.

its difficult to find what real people think about it


Real people don’t buy $10k cables. They just don’t. 

thank you!


i've never paid 10000 euros for a cable, and i will never. i bought my cables around 3000 euros which is already a lot of money for a cable and probably too much money... but they bring something that cheaper cables don't. 

you can find  some real people giving their opinion concerning other very expensive cables (sakra at 16000 euros...etc) , until now i've not found a forumer giving its opinion on galileo SRX xlr ..

i may have an opportunity on a second hand galileo srx XLR, and i hesitate



LS-2 is good I think,  but i will explore other possibilities of power cord.


Nordost odin power cord 2 costs 16 695,00 €.

SRX power cord and moneoone supernova costs 10000 euros.

much more than LS-2



Yes. These cables are expensive and I thought you are going after used market. 10k USD cable can be purchased at half price used. Gigawatt LS-2 is 3.6k EUR new. Not much of a difference in price then but huge performance difference.