Does someone has an experience with SYNERGiSTIC RESEARCH GALILEO SX INTERCONNECT ?

the price new is around 9500 $.

what would be its "weaknesses"? What do you think about the bullets (gold and silver)?

is the sound natural/neutral?

is it better than stealth indra V10? nordorst valhalla 2 which are less expensive?

an alternative to stealth sakra V12/V16?

I Read some good reviews , but its difficult to find what real people think about it.

Thank you




Thank you. I would be in the US, i would do that,  but i'm far... in France.😉

I'm going to have a look at their website 

Hello, Does someone know the difference of sound between GALILEO LE and GALILEO SX interconnect?

Galileo LE is pretty old technology (for SR at least): uses the old MPC-based active shielding, no graphene, etc. Galileo SX has many advancements and sounds like it. If you do decide to try the LE, price needs to be very low as resale is very difficult.

SR’s power cords and power conditioners are where they really shine. I agree with several others here that power cords make the most improvement in sound so if you don’t already have excellent PCs, I recommend you start there to make a substantial improvement in your system’s sound.

If you have decided that you really need another pair of world-class ICs, consider Stage III Concepts.

Thank you Dicokrum

I've just bought my powercords gigawatt LS-2 EVO, and i think they are good, probably not the best but they are good.

Which Stage III Concepts model would you recommend ? Gorgon? Typhon ?