Synergistic 'line doubler' component video good?

I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with this cable? How does it compare with the higher end audioquest YIQ-4? My dealer seems to think it is much better than the more expensive audioquest.But other people insist that the audioquest is better.The Synergistic component cable is the new active shield line doubler.I would generally just try them both out and pick one.But since I'm in the process of moving that is not an option.Any insight would be helpful. Thanks
I got it and returned it. I had used a mid-priced Straightwire but decided to "blow" for these. I saw no improvement in picture quality and the colors became too intense in the reds and too washed out in the blues . You can adjust for these of course if you have a calibration disc but I didn't see the need to spend $450 just to get back to where I was with a $150 cable. (This cable is just 3 1 meter lengths of the Alpha sterling).

My dealer told me he was not surprised at all - he thought it was over-rated but since I insisted...he's sending me a cable by Purist.
Just got the Purist component video cable. Brand new and not broken in. FANTASTIC. NO comparison. Depth of detail and color is astonishing. I was never a believer in video cables but now, I'm a convert.