Synergistic New Tesla Line...Any comments?

I just bought Synergistic Research's new Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and Tesla Vortec interconnects from The Cable Company. I have tried many demo cables from The Cable Company over the past year. These were the first to give me that WOW factor I been looking for so long.

Does anyone have these cables and can you please post your impressions and comments? Thanks.
Jersey, I'm glad the cables came into their own for you. It is possible that the set I had was not fully broken in. As I said, I really liked this cable, but PAD Aqueous was just more to my liking.

The addition of the PAD speaker cable allowed me to just enjoy the music and stop thinking about any upgrades. As weird as it sounds, that speaker cable was the last thing I changed in my system since February! I haven't bought anything for my system since, except more CDs. For the past 2 years I've been screweing around trying to find that sound that I like. These speaker cables were the final touch. Within my system, this was the cable that sounded best, the final ingredient.

Negative about it......I spent a lot on music the past few months and ran out of space on my Boltz600 cd rack and now the discs are all over the place!
711smilin, Please let us know how you like the Tesla Apex, Tesla Absolute Reference and Quattro in your system! Thanks.

Audphile1, I too am trying to be done with it and have been buying lots of CD's lately. I got a huge 600 CD rack from Audio Advisor and it is almost full! I'm glad you are enjoying the PAD cables. I do agree that everybody's system and preferences are different and you MUST audition all cable before you buy. The Synergistic line is just so addicting. I love the Accelerators but I’m curious to try Acoustic and Precision reference now. Looks like it’s demo time again. ;-)

J_evege, The Cable Company is always very busy. Just be patient they will get to you. I visited them on Monday at their New Hope office earlier this week since I live about 45 minutes away. A bunch of great guys and gals that are very enthusiastic about music and equipment. Than I entered the cable room where they keep used and new stock, I nearly fainted ;-) Just kidding. Hee hee hee
Joeyboynj, all I can say so far is WOW, I am pretty frikin amazed by my enhanced musicality, and enjoyment. I even had a buddy over last night, Markr7 who told me my system is finally there, in his opinion. He liked the sound so much, he put an order in with the guy I got mine from. He gives me the best deals available. The cables are not cheap, but, they are fabulous, and synergize beautifully.

My It guy was over last night too, he love to rock out, so I put my rock amp into the mixture(Moscode 401HR, with PW ecc180's, and PW amperex 6922's)he finally admitted, it was the BEST system he has EVER heard. I just love it. Having 2 amps, both stereo, makes it so wonderfully easy to switch between the Mactone(quads WE 300Bs, and the monster)

All I can say is I am FINALLY there, the BEST system, I have ever heard, and it's in MY HOUSE.....
711smilin, can I stop over sometime? ;-) I'm very glad you got what you were looking for and Synergistic Tesla cables helped you achieve it. You should do a virtual system profile with pictures so we can drool over your system...ENJOY!
2 days ago I received the SR Accelerator speaker cable from the Cable Company. I am delighted with the sparkle, liveliness, and clarity of the sound. I do notice a pronounced "ticky ticky" sound in the upper treble on high-hats which ,to me, does not sound completely natural. The focus of voices in the midrange is exceptional. The bass is very tight and clean. Spatial depth and portrayal of the space where the music is performed is also very good. With this cable each instrument or player is highlighted so well. Even rock music like Beck takes on a symphonic quality where every synth,guitar riff, vocal jumping out at you.

Does anyone know if the ac coupler has to be matched with a specific end of the cable? I listened for a day then switched them and I swear the sound improved.

I'm not completely sold yet, as my other choice is the purist Musaeus which is significantly less expensive and has a very lovely and natural presentation. The Purist cables are a bit unwieldy in the system. The SR cable is light, flexible and easy to maneuver. I do wish I could turn off those blue lights on the ac coupler. i prefer listening in the dark! Anyone in metro New York is welcome to stop by if interested.