Synergistic Red Fuse ...

I installed a SR RED Quantum fuse in my ARC REF-3 preamp a few days ago, replacing an older high end fuse. Uhh ... for a hundred bucks, this little baby is well worth the cost. There was an immediate improvement upon installation, but now that its broken in (yes, no kidding), its quite remarkable. A tightening of the focus, a more solid image, and most important of all for my tastes, a deeper appreciation for the organic sound of the instruments. Damn! ... cellos sound great! Much improved attack on pianos. More humanistic on vocals. Bowed bass goes down forever. Next move? .... I'm doing the entire system with these fuses. One at a time though just to gauge the improvement in each piece of equipment. The REF-75se comes next. I'll report the results as the progression takes place. Stay tuned ...

Any comments from anyone else who has tried these fuses?
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moving up 1 step for ampere rating is an acceptable practice.

Moving up in amperage with mains fuses, is unsafe.
Doing this is a very unsafe practice.
It will very likely burn out more than just the fuse.
EG: regulators, rectifiers, or maybe even the transformer.
+ whatever caused the fuse to blow in the first place.
The worst is it could start a fire, and take out your house.

they add nothing to the discussion
That’s because it’s snake oil and as the above states playing with mains components like this is a very unsafe practice, and very dangerous.

Cheers George
Just to point out that in the twenty or so years since aftermarket fuses first hit the scene, you know Iso Clean and HiFi Tuning, to name two, most likely the first two, there has never been a single documented case where a failure of one of those persnickety little things caused a house to burn down. Are the trolls out of ammo? What’s the next silly claim - that they cause cancer?