Synergistic Research Cable Risers?

  Recenty Synergistic  research  brought out some cable risers.

  The audio press said they made one of the biggest differences when taken out of the system, then re installed back in. Does anyone have first hand experience with these ?

  That being said, they seem like quite a bit of money for what you get, however if they  work at improving the sound it would be worth it. I do use Synergistic products  which have made a definite improvement in sound but am quite skeptical on this product.
You stated:
"Been trying the risers for about a week, got them on the free orange fuse promo.  In my system they did not work well, seemed to take away dynamics and reduced the organic nature of the sound.  Then moved them under power cables and much better.  Will attempt to try under speaker cables again and  completely out of play before deciding on sending them back.  They definitely impact the sound, certainly worth a try."  

Please try some risers made out of cardboard under your speaker cables.  Cost you nothing.  You can make them all sorts of ways.  I think you will like lack of dynamics or organic tone in my system.  I make a pyramid out of cardboard by say cutting a piece 4 inches by 12 inches and folding it up 4.5 inches in on each side.  At the top I make a slit in the cardboard in the middle to hold the wire and use scotch tape to hold the two "wings" very well and very stable..You can make them in any height you like.  I will post a pic on my website in a day or so.
The funniest part of the SR cable risers is that they have a user manual. SR tells us the risers are directional and to avoid sag in the cables. Makes sense for SR to tell us to avoid sag as it forces you to purchase more risers.

It's easy enough to test for free. Use some empty CD jewel cases and open them up to form an A-frame to support your cables. Make sure the album cover art of the jewel case faces your listening position.
I found that elevating cables can make a difference in sound.  $10 each, $20 each, $54 each...   duh, definitely a product for those willing to hear a difference.  After exhaustive research I found that inverted York-site Memorial Candle holders (after burning and cleaning) make an excellent cable elevator.  They are about one dollar each at the grocery store.