Synergistic Research Euphoria HC power cord.

Anyone have any thoughts on this power cord?  I would be using on McIntosh  611’s.


Thanks audphile1.  I have on order some acoustic panels from GIK. Hope to have them soon. Jason at the Cable Company did say they were lively, and thought Audioquest cables (I asked about the Hurricane) were dead sounding by comparison. However, everything I read about the Hurricanes is positive. The SR power cord is very pricey so I may pass on it.

I disagree with Jason. But like I said, their landing library is the way to go. The only way you’ll know if the cable is a good match is to try it in your system. I would also wait until the panels are in place before making any changes at all. 

@bwguy John (in addition to Jason) has also helped me. He’s straight forward with his recommendations. If you can get both cables in to demo you will have your answer. I’ve chosen SR over a number of other major cable brands.

Shunyata Sigma is one I am interested in also.  I have Mac amps, which is why Jason recommended Synergistic Research.

What sound characteristics/improvements are you looking for and what are you using now?