Synergistic Research Euphoria HC power cord.

Anyone have any thoughts on this power cord?  I would be using on McIntosh  611’s.


@bwguy McIntosh amps are detailed and open sounding. Your B&W D tweeters are resolving and airy. I’d be looking for a power cable that just allows these qualities to shine in the best possible way. It’s really easy to tip the balance in the wrong direction especially in a system like yours. 
What interconnects and speaker cables are you using?

Speaker cables are Audioquest William Tell bi wire.  Inter connects are Audioquest earth.

Siox, just trying to upgrade cables to the level of my others.  Looking for a holographic sound.

@bwguy   Bliss HiFi ( @blisshifi ) has given you a clear "feel" for the SR power cables.

+1 to his post.


"My ears heard more while trying less hard, if that makes sense."

His above sentence encapsulates the essence and is very telling.

I have conducted multiple A/Bs against a number of power cables and my findings align with his.

I have been using a full loom of SR's SRX cables for nearly two years. I also have a spare Euphoria since I've replaced it on the grounding block with a SRX. Interesting results there.  I have also had the Euphoria level interconnects in my system...and compared them against other cables. SR's Euphoria level is very good at the price point. 

As others have mentioned, take advantage of the Cable Cos. lending program. It will help you sort it out and ultimately you will make a better choice. 

Just remember, when you get to the stage of replacing power cords and interconnects etc, you talking about lifting veils.  The difference may be immediately noticeable, but even then it won't be transformative,  Manage expectations and you have a greater chance of being happy.  Also, be honest about your system and what kinds of veils might be lifted.  We have a Synergistic Research Powercell UEF that came with a pretty crazy high end power cord.  May be the same one you're talking about.  My bride gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago.  She didn't know she was giving it to me for Christmas but there it was under the tree, wrapped, from her to me.  Hey, I saved her from all those shopping decisions.  What a great guy, eh?  Anyway, I put in the system on Christmas day, expecting/hoping for the best.  About 5 seconds into the first track that I played, which was from the String Chesse Incident, "Rhythm of the Road" NYE concert the words, "That's different" unexpectedly came out of my mouth.  Lifted a veil I didn't know was there.  Music was both little clearer, and a little quieter, though not less loud.  Instruments a little more separate, music was a little more "present".  Not transformative but made a positive impact.  And absolutely worth it, btw.  I'm impressed with the efforts of Synergistic Research.  I put their fuses in another amp some years ago, but I think that was more of a rescue attempt and not a fair test.  

I’d recommend the AZ Krakatoa PC, and this one seems like a great value that you can probably resell at little/no loss if it doesn’t work for you. Reason I recommend it is because I have a full loom of AZ cables and their level of detailed yet natural and organic presentation is intoxicating, and the depth and 3D imaging/soundstage is outstanding and may save you a boatload of $$$ with little/no risk.

Alternatively, I’m gonna throw out a dark horse candidate that I think offers outstanding performance and value. The LavriCable Grand power cords are made of 5N silver wire and are an incredible value at $533 for a 2m PC. I’ve got several of their cables, and I can say they offer an incredible amount of detail and refinement but with excellent tonality silver cables often miss but with outstanding 3D imaging and huge and transparent soundstage. I think both @ghdprentice and @lak might have their power cords and maybe will chime in here, but I think this company is onto something and offering incredible value for the performance on offer. Whether you choose the AZ or LavriCable PCs I highly doubt you’d be disappointed either way and potentially save thousands of $$$ over the SR cable. Just my $0.02 FWIW. Hope this helps, and best of luck.

BTW, I just splurged $200 for a SR Purple fuse for my recently fully upgraded SMcAudio amp so I’m certainly not against SR products if that’s the way you decide to go. Just wanted you to know I’m in no way a SR hater, and their fuses came very highly recommended from SMcAudio, which is high praise in my book.