Synergistic Research HFT are you using them?

Been reading the latest Stereophile and see that MF had a lot of good to say concerning this product. I have spent a lot of hours trying to tune my room better and was wondering if anyone has used and or is using this product and could you tell me about the before/after results and what OBJECTIVE impact they made? If they truly are that good it would (could) make a huge savings for me to look into improving my listening experiences. I'm listening to: Rock, Blues and some New Age.
I did not find them to make any difference though the person doing the demo would proclaim marked improvement in ( insert audiophile word of the day ) each time another set was added. I do believe in room treatment, vibration control etc. I just was not impressed with the HFT in the demo I heard.
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I have been using the HFT with significant improvements of my room acoustics. I purchased 2 boxes (5/box) and installed these devices as per SR instructions. Basically, it has transformed the acoustics of my dedicated audio room. Their acoustic effect is like getting rid of all walls in the room, minimizing room reflections. Soundstage increases dramatically in depth and width. You will hear additional micro-details from well known music tracks, etc.

Was very sceptical prior their purchase, since they look so minimalistic and innofensive. I tried their 30 days money-back guarantee offer and after 5 minutes of listening, I was sold. Same results with their FEQ device, this little box will lock the bass like an anchor. Overall, one of the best tweaks I ever purchased. Also saved a ton of money, not buying the large acoustic panels offered by acoustic engineering firms. As a bonus, WAF is 10/10 for these little 'cones' :-)