Synergistic Research Quattro multi supply ?'s

I am considering picking up a Quattro power supply to power the activive shielding on my I/C's and speaker cables. Has anyone upgraded to the Quattro from the MPC's and if so did you notice any change in sound? Did it actually make things easier to route or not worth the extra dough? How much do the Quattro's run and now many connections are supplied with the unit? Thanks for any help in advance!
Blast. I simply must suck it up and go with an Accelerator audition. I just purchased my speaker wire IC's less that one year ago and it seams that it simply may just be Tesla time. Used cables for sale anyone? :)

Question.. I am currently going with the bi-wire option on my speaker terms and I see the Tesla cables have a non-internal bi-wire option.... any thoughts on going with that vs/ the standard terms using the jumpers or other wire?
They have a different way of bi-wiring the Tesla speaker wires (mine are bi-wired). Check Synergistic’s website as I read a whole page on the pros and cons of different bi-wire options (and why theirs is the best option of course : )
Leica_man, I sure hope you are correct, regarding the soundstage....I will know tomorrow(all apex)with QUATRO