Synergistic Research Tesla Apex vs. Tara the One

Has anyone had the chance to compare these cables - interconnects, speaker cables, and/or power cords? Thanks!
I have not done a direct comparison I have the Synergistic Research cables in my system and could not be happier. The SR's deserve a serious audition.
You need to move up the chain of Tara labs more than THE ONE to have a fair comparision to the Tesla Apex. I auditioned the Apex and owned the Tara Labs 0.8 and found the 0.8 to have more extensions whereas the Apex had a slightly wider soundstage but rolled off a bit IMO.
Flashunlock, you know what, I meant to write the Zero. Thanks for your insights into the 0.8.

Thewebgeek, yep, you are right. Just doing some advance recon before I decide which way to go. Also thinking about the Jormas, Teos, and a few others. For my system, I need cables with good shielding, which is one reason I'm interested in the Taras and SRs.
Bigamp you really need to hear both cables in your system. I have limited experience w the Tara's however I can tell you finding the proper mix of different SR Tesla cables makes all the difference when creating a synergy.

Make certain your SR dealer understands how to match different SR cables to your system. You can also call SR for advice or ask for input from SR users over on the big Tesla thread.

A friend who currently owns the Tesla Apex will be buying the Tara Labs Zero Gold XLR's soon so I can give you a more insight into it later on.
I want to cast another vote for Synergistic here. In my system, the S/R's had far more realistic of a presentation, letting you hear what the recording engineer had in mind. The S/R cables also had the "edge" with transient response
( leading edge??) which showed up quickly with piano, cymbals and horns.