I have a krell amp that I'm very happy with and would like to keep as long as possible. What needs to be done though is for me to move my components away from the spks. Can anyone suggest a pre w/balanced jacks that might compliment the amplifier I own? Thinking of just going to the bigger brother VTL but have also heard great things from BAT.
Have I maybe not done enough research to realize that it wont be harmful to run 20ft rca interconnect cables between the amplifier and preamp?
A few years ago, I managed to get a used Aesthetix Io with volume control, that i could connect directly from my player (and on occasion, cd) to my fpb600. I have never looked back ( both for lp and cd this was far better than the KAV 250p i had). They say Cast is best but i don't know, - with my setup a lot of tubes 'massage' the Krell sound to good effect. Getting a full set of new tubes from Aesthetix a year ago was also a big improvement in my case. I've found no need to block dc on the amp, this degrades the sound. I like the IO a lot, very purist approach, I thought I would miss the remote, but never have - and you have balanced in / out.