System recommendations

Good afternoon.

I have an older system that I am thinking about making some changes to.  I feel I can get more out of the speakers than what I have currently.  Perhaps a different preamp, or maybe a new amp and preamp.  Here is my system: 

Aragon 8008 mk2/Amp
Aragon 28k mk2/Pre
Cary CDP1/Source
Dynaudio Excite 44/Speakers 

All cables are Wireworld Eclipse 8.  Interconnects are RCA not balanced as the pre is RCA only.

Power Cords are all Shunyata Venom VR10.  All plugged into a Shunyata PS8/Defender using a Shunyata Alpha HC 20amp to the wall.

I look forward to your responses.  

Thank you.  


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Of course you can get more out of your speakers. A lot more. Put them on Townshend Podiums. Put all your other stuff on Pods. I would do this first, unless you have some major problem with one of your other components, which I assume you do not as otherwise would have said so. Podiums will be more than getting more from your speakers, they will be a major speaker/system/room upgrade. Read the comments from those of us who have done so, you will see.
I would start with the preamp. There is a whole world of fantastic preamps out there. This is always the center of my system around which I change components. If you do not have a huge budget, I would recommend used high-end. The value is there for years to decades. Think Tubed preamps like those from Conrad Johnson, Audio Research, VAC. Very good solid state are also available from Pass and others, but I have found you tend to get a more natural sound for less money with tubed equipment.
What kind of sonics are you trying to improve upon with your speakers?  I recall those Dynaudio's leaning to the treble side.
I’ve never heard Aragon so can’t comment on that but agree with millcarbon that speaker & component isolation improves sound quality a lot.
In addition to that:
- A couple of subs (more than one at least) would be a great improvement.
- Although you didn’t mention your room, if you haven’t done anything with the first reflection points, you would be amazed at the improvements there.
Keep the Aragon preamp and amp. They were expensive when new and were considered top category components! The biggest improvement will be new speakers! The Dynaudio Excite's are excellent! What don't you like about them? I am surprised that millercarbon hasn't already recommended Tekton's! Speakers are such a personal matter that it is difficult to make a recommendation without knowing what your musical choices are! Maybe you could elaborate!