System that sounds so real it is easy to mistaken it is not live

My current stereo system consists of Oracle turntable with SME IV tonearm, Dynavector XV cartridge feeding Manley Steelhead and two Snappers monoblocks  running 15" Tannoy Super Gold Monitors. Half of vinyl records are 45 RMP and were purchased new from Blue Note, AP, MoFI, IMPEX and some others. While some records play better than others none of them make my system sound as good as a live band I happened to see yesterday right on a street. The musicians played at the front of outdoor restaurant. There was a bass guitar, a drummer, a keyboard and a singer. The electric bass guitar was connected to some portable floor speaker and drums were not amplified. The sound of this live music, the sharpness and punch of it, the sound of real drums, the cymbals, the deepness, thunder-like sound of bass guitar coming from probably $500 dollars speaker was simply mind blowing. There is a lot of audiophile gear out there. Some sound better than others. Have you ever listened to a stereo system that produced a sound that would make you believe it was a real live music or live band performance at front of you?



One last thing only buy gold plated connectors or you will develop a hum when the tin connections gets tarnished.

@5windowcoupe Tin and gold share a property which is they boh are resistant to corrosion! This is why tin is often used in connectors and the like. If your tin connections are getting corroded, you've got some kind of chemical involved that is responsible or the connectors are so worn that the copper beneath has been exposed. Tin is often preferable to gold since it is so much harder and therefore harder to wear off when the connector is plugged in and out.

You have to remember That my system is line source. It's volume does not fade with distance like a point source system will.

There's probably a Nobel waiting for someone to show the inverse square law doesn't apply to sound from any source.

Yes my giant horns have gotten more than a few is that a real band playing in your home comments. A few speakers have horns that were actually used in concerts by some of my favorite acts a few shows I attended had the horns in use. When I play back a live recording of some of the bands I get a spooky real sound quality that's damn near real sounding. I also have real theater horns these can playback movies so that it sounds like a real theater but with higher-quality playback.

I never thought it’s possible to listen to a system that make you feel you are on the concert hall or on the venue.Couple of months ago my audiophile needed a help to fix his toilet, I came to help him. After Iam about leave, I requested him to play his system. He did, I stayed 3 hrs to enjoy the music , I’ve never experienced a system like that.It stops me from analyzing the sound, The performances of his system won’t let me, because I felt Iam inside the concert Hall.The system is Using Plinius sa100, Audio Research LS2 b preamp, Meridian CD player, I forgot his tt , I know it’s $500 with goldring cart and musical fidelity phono preamp, speaker cable Kimber 8ag, Speakers B&W 607 or 707? Interconnects Audioquest Columbia , And cobras.

There's probably a Nobel waiting for someone to show the inverse square law doesn't apply to sound from any source.

@dogberry In a line source when you are close to the speaker the sound you are hearing is coming from right in front of you. As you move further back, more of the driver(s) sound is able to reach your ears, so the sound pressure appears to not fall off as quickly. In fact its seems almost constant, but if you got far enough away (not possible in most rooms) you'd find that is obeying the inverse square law.

Years ago I built an OTL guitar amp that employed four 8" drivers snuggled as close together as possible in a vertical line. This was meant so that the musician wouldn't have to play seemingly quite so loud for the amp to project nicely and it worked quite well for that- you could hear the amp as easily at the front of the stage as you could in the rear of the club.