T-7000 didn't work out, now what?

I had a different thread going about selecting a transport for my upgraded DSP-7000 (Mk.II to Mk.III), but things are different enough here to where I thought a new thread would be appropriate.

I got my hands on a T-7000, but when I got it it must have been damaged in shipping. The drawer would not open or close reliably, and when it did not open the electromechanicals of the EAD would just start clicking incessantly. Very disappointing becuase I really wanted to mate this up with the rest of my system. The seller is being kind enough to refund my money, so I have to write this one off.

This kind of got me thinking. I'm currently using a Proceed CDP as a transport, and I like the way it sounds with my DSP, so I started wondering if there was anything I could do to improve on what I already have. Does anyone know of any way to (or anyone who can) upgrade the CDP transport stage?
The T-7000 is based on a Phillips mechanism. Any repair place that can repair Philips, should be able to repair the basic mechanism.
tony look for a proceed cdd transport usually around $800 used its supposedly the same internal mechanism as the highly sonically rated Levinson 37 transport which usually goes for $2000 + used. May be better than the Genesis digital lens and your current transport combination sonically
Only the early T -7000 had the Philips mechanism.Most T 7000 had the Pioneer stable platter.
Well, there is the other option of getting my PCD modded by Empirical Audio. They're supposed to do good work with getting transports to sound their best.