T&A Criterion TB 160 - any around?

Came across first a photo, then a cross section and finally read a test Stereoplay. I have always been intrigued by transmissionline speakers, and this one uses dual 10" with front firing into 2 short transmission line channels (mid bass), and rear into vented (for low bass). 

Would like to audition (or even buy if cheap), but haven't found any. 

Even the T+A Criterion TB 140 might be of interest (the ebay listings for TB140 and TB120 sound a bit strange, and zero feedback sellers). 

Also curious who has heard them and what impression they made. 






I am not familiar with the T+A speaker, but have owned the Acoustic Zen Crescendo which is a Transmission Line Design.  Wonderful sounding speaker.  Made in America.  If you're interested in the speaker design or the T+A specifically?

German manufacturer ("Theory and Application). 

The Criterion TM160 scored in the highest group in their test (decades ago; Stereoplay magazine). And interesting conept of combining 2 principles (and praised for their bass); test also decribes their mids and highs just the way I would like them. 


I have a pair of T+A Criterion T100 speakers and they are fantastic. Full range and work very well positioned close to a rear wall. Checkout my profile page for photos.