T+A DAC 200 or WEISS 501

Who will take what if given an opportunity lets take a vote.


BTW, @ja_kub_sz made a great point.  The T+A has so much tight bass I had to turn my GR_Research sub down a couple of notches!

@dougthebiker Ok, here are some key differences: A 300b amp would have a more gentle presentation than mine (BTW, what speakers?). I have a pair of AGD Tempo stereo amps bi-amping my Fyne F1-8s. The Tempos are very detailed and smooth, but not in the least bit shy... a bit forward compared to Pass, and I would bet a good bit more forward than your 300B amp. And the Fynes are similarly detailed. I want to replace my M3 because it is a bit too forward in my system, and at least so far the T+A has a very similar presentation. All summed in my system, just a bit too much of a good thing. I readily admit to being very sensitive to brightness. At one point I replaced the slightly aggressive tubes in my preamp with others for a more gentle presentation.

Regarding bass, yes, the T+A has plenty. But in my estimation it is like monitor speakers where there is an emphasis in the mid-bass. That is not so with the DS 2, and I think that is why my perception is better definition in the bass region with the DS 2. The very low frequencies are not masked by a hump an octave or two above.  My sub, BTW, is a KEF 9 something, and it really does reach the limits of hearing with authority. 

Anyway, I think the differences in our systems explains some of the differences in our perceptions of these DACs.


I should add that I think the T+A is an excellent DAC, but so far it is not the right one for my system.

@ghastley....You're wrong about the Aavik...That's his reference integrated.  Sorry.


No need to be sorry @mbmi however, if you take a moment to click on the below link before Huff deletes it from his garage sale section, you will clearly see that his Aavik is listed as "sale pending".


You're welcome.