T+A DAC 200 or WEISS 501

Who will take what if given an opportunity lets take a vote.


I rolled through the filters a few times and landed on BEZ2 as my ultimate set-it-and-forget-it choice. I had a friend’s TT2 for a while and had the chance to do a direct A/B comparison with all other variables remaining constant. The winner: T+A DAC 200. While still offering every bit as much detail as the TT2, it’s fuller and richer sounding. Not a huge gap, but perhaps some would prefer the somewhat leaner presentation of the TT2 or it may be a better choice for use with other speakers or electronics. @ljgm  I’m waiting on a Vitus RS-101 that I ordered a few weeks ago. I’m using a Classé Delta Pre for preamp duties. I’ve not yet compared it to the DAC 200’s preamp section. I’m guessing the Classé is likely a bit better.

Enjoy.  I haven't listened to Classé gear in ages but was once a fan.  The Vitus should be a very nice pairing.  You might find.the T+A direct to the Vitus to be more transparent.  Should be fun either way!

@ljgm You've inspired me to try the direct DAC-to-amp connection.  I'll report back once I've had the chance to A/B.  I think I'll be happy no matter the result; if it sounds better with the Classé, I'll be glad for having bought it.  If I prefer the sound without the Classé, I can sell it and have some extra scratch to put towards speakers!  I may try the A/B with the T+A M200 monoblocks I have on loan (very generously) from my local dealer, but I'll wait until the Vitus is here and broken in before making a final ruling.

I purchased a DAC200 late last fall from Juan @blisshifi (great dealer to work with BTW!). On PCM vs my previous Dac, it was only slightly better - more different than better. However, using the DSD converter path, the DAC200 is superior.

Upstream, I have an Auralic Aries G2 and Auralic Sirius processor which i use to convert to DSD 512. I was going to sell the Sirius but the DSD channel of the DAC200 is so good, it made sense to keep it. Functionally, it’s doing the same thing as HQPlayer. 

I’ve auditioned several much more expensive DACs - and I was willing to purchase any of them. That list includes the Linn DSM/3, Ideon Absolute and DCS, among others. All are different. Sourced properly, the DAC200 is pretty competitive with them - and a vastly better value. On PCM, it’s fine. On DSD, it’s a standout in my view.