T+A Elektroakustik Caruso R 10

Has anyone heard these?Impressions?Related equipment?
Thanks very much..


No one,not a dealer or show goer or even anecdotal experience..Oh well looks like I may become a guinea pig again...

I’m a T+A dealer but do not have any on my floor. I did hear them at AXPONA in 2022, but the playback was fairly soft because the team was catering to the headphone wearers as they were highlighting the Solitaire P headphones and HA 200 headphone amp. 

In typical T+A fashion, Sonics led with musicality and liquidity, but not euphonic to the point where detail was obscured. I cannot gauge the true fidelity of the speaker, as it was paired with the Caruso electronics.

FWIW, I’ve had the Criterion, Talis R 300 bookshelves, Talis S 300 floorstanders, and Solitaire S 530 magnetostatic towers all on my floor at some point, the latter two still standing. They are all emotion-evoking speakers. 

PM me if you want to chat options or have me do any digging on the Caruso R 10. Happy to help.