T+A MP3100HV how close to the SD/SDV3100HV

I know we have a few dealers of T+A gear on here.

The MP3100HV is the swiss army knife with SACD/FM/Streaming/Internet Radio/DAC. How good is the DAC compared to the SD/SDV3100HV? Or should I say how close is the DAC section of the MP to the SD/SDV?

My CD collection is on a NAS and I use Roon for streaming. I guess the transport is a nice to have but the DAC section is what I'm most concerned with. 

Based on David Schultz, the SD/SDV is an all out assault on digital. It has the latest and greatest of parts and designs. I heard a SDV in Austin, TX when I was looking for a streamer. The SDV is actually what got me interested in T+A as I had never heard the gear before. It was clearly some of the best digital I had ever heard. 

Now from what I was told the MP is hard to beat for someone looking for a multiple source player. I was told if I go for the MP I would probably keep it for years. It is supposed to be that good.

If I get a chance to listen to the MP I will report back. I need to get one for a home demo. I would love to see how it compares to the MSB Discrete and Premier. 

@bryans Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing about and learning from your impressions after you demo the MP.
Thanks for the update @bryans ! Having said this, it does not sound like David told you much. Meaning no technical details other than the usual marketing gibberish.