T.G. Audio I.C. cables?

The search function didn't reveal much info on the T.G. Audio cables. Have any of you tried them. I just got a pair to sample from Mr. Crump and I must ay I'm most impressed. I don't even know how many models he sells. Mine are rather
pliable with a blk rubber-like sleeve. He said they were "dead accurate" but that he "detuned" this pair to slightly take the edge off. They are detailed but smooth (if not Cardas-like) and what bass! Thanks MikE
I have TG cables. They have replaced a long line of predecessors that are considered by many to be some of the finest cables made. In my system the TG cables work best, excellent bass, smooth with detail and a black background. Although silver, they are not bright, highs shimmer but don't perforate your eardrum like other silver cables I've had. Staging is phenomenal, particularly the pinpoint placement of instruments in space. My feeling is that these are not only one if not the best bang for the buck in cabling, but truly reference quality cables regardless of price, which happens to be 1/3 to 1/5 of some of the aforementioned cables I've had in my system. Give Bob a call, great guy with a " things don't have to cost a lot to be good" philosophy.
Deluxe, the TG HSR ICs were voiced using a very large system wherein all but the Rockport Speakers and Turntable was built or highly modified by yours truly.....The interconnects proved to be problematic in smaller systems so I changed the decorative barrel on the RCAs from silver to gold and that detuned the ICs just a bit keeping in mind that the actual connector is still silver....Mike has a very good system and my feeling is after looking over his gear that the detuned version would be a better match......I might drop the silver decorative barrels altogether, but there are those, like Mark, that have more dollars in just his amps than I spent for my first house......Everything here at TG is built to order anyway so either connector is available for the forseeable future.......

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders/DDR Mfg
Mes> Which RCA's are your TG Audio's, silver or gold? I'm listening to the gold connectors. I'm very impressed with this cable, while silver it doesn't sound like silver, except it is very detailed, has very good PRAT but that bass and the air surrounding images kind of gives it a soft quality. Like you said, great imaging, detailed but with a
soft glow (don't know if I would call it a warm glow) that
just seems at odds with the other charateristics. Odd in that these polar qualities aren't typically found in one (1) product alone. The other wonderful thing it does is step out of the way, its transparent in that it doesn't call attention to itself only the music - special. I'll be sad when they leave. MikE
Mike, Mes has silver RCAs on sources and gold plated XLRs running from preamp to amps.....There isn't very much difference between the gold and silver, just enough to take the edges off.....