T lavitz A huge loss to music

Just read about the passing of T Lavitz, and what can I say just a huge loss to the music world. A wonderful player.
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Thanks for the post. I had not heard this. T was one of the best keyboard players in the country. I am a huge fan of the dixie Dregs, Widespread Panic, and his solo work. A huge loss.
If you have not heard the School of the Arts cd, you should definately check it out. Jazz oriented jam songs with Steve morse, Jerry goodman, and others sitting in with T. Really fine.
I was introduced to the Dixie Dregs when I was 18 years old (I'm 51 now). Saw them play here when I was 19. It was probably the best concert I've experienced to date. Incredible energy. Music I never get tired of! I loved T Lavitz's playing with the Dregs and on his own. Time flies by. RIP Mr. Lavitz.
"Dregs of the Earth" was the very first CD I ever bought. Still have it as well as a Super Disk and the rest of the collection. Too bad for the loss.
Very sad. I had not heard this. He was a friend of mine back in the eighties, dated one of my wife's friends. A great guy. RIP.
I am very saddened by this news. But thank you for posting this.

I knew and went to music conservatory with T Lavitz (University of Miami School of Music) in the late '70's. Most of you probably don't know this, but T was originally also a saxophone player (alto). My recollection is that it wasn't until he gave up the saxophone to concentrate on piano, that his incredible ability on keyboards really took off. But his great FEEL always shone through. He was a great talent, and one of my favorites.

As an aside, the Dixie Dregs evolved out of what was then the University of Miami Rock Ensemble. Some time after Steve Morse and Jerry Goodman (also students at UM) formally formed The Dixie Dregs, they recruited T Lavitz to join them. It was hot news on campus, and the source of great pride that T had gotten such a great gig.

He will be missed.