TA-102 fo.Q Product from Japan "TRY These"

TA-102 fo.Q from Japan. 
I just added these to the bottom of my Focal Speaker stands. They are supposed to reduce vibrations and I must say they have tightened up the soundstage and bass. For a package of 2 for speakers they cost about $35 and it only took about a week to receive. 
I bought additional ones that I will try on the inside of some of my component covers. These are the real deal, even  better than Herbies!

I have a home remodeling project going on and I have not been able to check out my tweaked out Niagara much. From the little amount I have been able to use it, it does seems to add a touch of quietness to the presentation. But, I need to spend more time with it. 

Just had a fellow member suggest this.

Those of you who have used it, would it interfere with PPT mats, or Akiko Audio products?
@whostolethebatmobile thank you for your recommendation for the ta-102 placements.

I buy stuff from Japan all the time.
EMS - Japan Post is very fast as are FedEx and DHL.
This fo.Q product has me intrigued.
I just placed the TA-102 fo.Q on top of my Grand Prix amp stand under my amp along with a PPT mat (thank you Krissy) on top of it. 
I must say both products have improved the music solidary.