TA-102 fo.Q Product from Japan "TRY These"

TA-102 fo.Q from Japan. 
I just added these to the bottom of my Focal Speaker stands. They are supposed to reduce vibrations and I must say they have tightened up the soundstage and bass. For a package of 2 for speakers they cost about $35 and it only took about a week to receive. 
I bought additional ones that I will try on the inside of some of my component covers. These are the real deal, even  better than Herbies!

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go outside pick up a couple of pebbles and stick them under your speakers  listen to your tape then listen to your pebbles  .....which is better  now laugh at yourself


I have been looking at Fo.q tape for a while and finally decided to buy. I ordered 1 package of T32 and T102.

Disclaimer: I use many "snake oil tweaks" with a very positive result. 

Some of which are:

Cable goop- nano Flo

Spring platforms- Townshend 

Heartsound room treatments 

Uber expensive power cables- Elrod. 

IME the Fo.Q tape is the best value Tweak of the bunch, not the biggest impact,  but certainly a significant one!

I covered the top of all the large caps in my amp (16) and was stunned at the overall improvement. I will be doing my preamp next!