Tac T owner opinons

I am investigating Tac T and I’d appreciate opinions from users.

How long have you owned your Tact T?
What do you like about it?
What would be too much to expect out of it?

I appreciate your help
The hard core TacT users/tweakers are now here:


A power supply upgrade for the RCS is just a start.

TacT will introduce a new version of the RSC, the 2.2XP
at CES this week with their new DRC software.

LyngdorfAudio(new name for TacTDK) will also be showing their Room Perfect, room correction module for the TDA2200+.
I had a 2.0 for a long while and could not get good results with it. However, I do believe in the technology and in Peter Lyngdorf and may want to give it another try with one of the newer units. A problem for me has always been how to fit the TacT into the "architecture" of my system and still keep things fairly simple.
I've had my 2.0 with all a/d and d/a options since 2000. After reading the manual (printable off the software and not included in paper form with the unit) I found the unit easy to use for room EQ. Insert software, connect computer to RCS 2.0, connect mic to 2.0 and go. The sound is great. Trying to learn more about the unit was tough and I gave up and have been happy with using the unit for EQ and preamp duties. I'm not very software literate and my computer skills border on the slow to learn side. Honestly, I would get rid of this unit right away if another preamp could tame my room. I don't have any tube traps, Room Tunes or other treatments and I don't want any. The TacT allows me to live treatment free.

Tact RCS units do not have tape outputs. My unit has two ouputs but both are controlled by the main volume. If I raise or lower the volume to my amps I raise or lower the gain to the recording.
Need help with Tact 2.2x cant find pc with serial port, tried radio shack adaptors but cant sync ports? can you program without pc.

TacT 2.2X requires a computer to program. The best solution I found was adding a serial port card to my desktop. For my laptop I use a Serial Port to USB adapter. I can't find it at the moment so I can't tell you what brand it is. That might not be all that useful to you anyway since it is for XP. I am not sure what you are using.

Are you sure you configured your computer correctly to recognize whatever port you are using for the adapter? I do know that some adapters are more problematic with TacT than others.

I strongly suggest you ask your question here:

That group is full of long-time users.

Good luck,